Link Aadhaar Card to Caste Certificate

Link Aadhaar Card to Caste Certificate

To make sure that all the bonafide and deserving students belonging to scheduled castes/tribes can benefit from the facilities offers by the Government of India, the government has now made it possible for the citizens to link their Aadhaar Cards to their Caste Certificates.

will help all the deserving students to get free admissions in universities and educational institutions across the country along with other academic facilities.

How to link Aadhaar Card to Caste Certificate?

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has made the process of linking Aadhaar Card to Caste Certificate very easy for the students. It is now the responsibility of the respective School principals to provide the facility of Aadhaar linking.

The respective principals of the Schools will handle all the tasks of collection of the certificates and Caste Certificate Form from students and their submission to respective officials.

All the State Governments have been requested by the Central Government of India to submit both caste certificates and domicile certificates of all the students that are granted within a timeframe of 60 days so, they can be linked to the Aadhaar Cards of the students.

Benefits of linking Aadhaar Card to Caste Certificate


Students belonging to the categories of ST, SC, or OBC having total income less than Rs. 1 lakh per annum will be given scholarships by the government to pursue higher education.

Reservation in Institutes like IITs and IIMs:

Students with their Aahdaar Card linked to their Caste Certificates belonging to the categories of ST, SC, or OBC will get a 49% reservation in the most prestigious and reputable educational institutes of the country such as IITs and IIMs.

Reservations in Government Jobs:

Candidates coming from SC, ST or OBC categories will be charged with a lower fee for applications forms of government jobs. Moreover, there are also some seats reserved for backward classes in various government institutions.