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UAN or Universal Account Number is a 12-digit number that is related to the process of Employee Provident Fund which is now operated online. With the help of the UAN, services related to the Provident Fund such as withdrawal, checking EPF balance without the help of employer and PF loan application is easy.

What is UAN?

Universal Account Number is a 12-digit number that every employee contributing to the EPF has. It is allotted to the employees by the Employee Provident Fund Organization.

Every time an employee switches a job, he is allotted a new member identification number (ID) which will be linked to his UAN.

The UAN remains the same through the life of an employee. It is only the member ID which changes when an employee changes a job. These member IDs are linked to the UAN of the employee so, that the process of  EPF transfers and withdrawals is done with ease.

How to find your UAN?

Normally, UAN can be find out through the employer allotted to you by the EPFO. It is also printed by some employers in the salary slips too. However, it is also possible to obtain the UAN number through the online UAN Portal.

To obtain the UAN through UAN Portal, follow these steps:

  1. Head over to the UAN Portal
  2. Once the page loads up, click on the Know your UAN Status.
  3. Now provide all the required information including your state, EPFO office. Also enter in the other details such as PF number/member ID along with the name, date of birth, mobile number, and captcha code.
  4. Click on Get Authorization Pin.
  5. You will get a PIN on the entered mobile number.
  6. Enter the PIN and click on Validate OTP and Get UAN button.
  7. Once you click on it, you will receive your UAN (Universal Account Number) on your mobile number through SMS.

How to activate your UAN? 

It is essential to activate your UAN and to do so, you will need to have your Universal Account Number and PF Member ID with you.  Follow these steps to activate your UAN:

  1. Head over to the UAN Portal
  2. Once the page loads up, click on the Activate UAN tab.
  3. Now enter your Universal Account Number, mobile number and PF Member ID along with the captcha code.
  4. Click on Get Authorization Pin.
  5. You will get a PIN on the entered mobile number.
  6. Now, check the Disclaimer Check Box and type the received OTP.
  7. Now click on Validate OTP and Activate UAN.
  8. Once your UAN is registered, you will receive a password on your mobile phone to access your account.

Features of UAN

  • UAN helps to gather and centralize the data of employees in the country.
  • It removes the burden of employee verification from companies and employers by EPF organization.
  • UAN makes it easier for the EPFO to extract the bank account details and information along with the KYC without the help of employers.
  • Makes it possible for the EPFO to track multiple job switches of the employee.
  • Early and untimely withdrawals have been reduced to a great extent with the introduction of the UAN.

Documents required to open UAN

If you have just got your first job in a registered company then you may need some documents to get your UAN. Following are those documents that you require to get your UAN.

1. Bank Account Info

Bank Account Number, Branch Name, IFSC Code

2. Identification Proof

Any photo-affixed document such as Driving License, Passport, Voter ID, Aadhaar, SSLC Book or National ID Card.

3. Address Proof

Any ID Proof that has your address mentioned on it or a recent utility bill in your name, rental/lease agreement, ration card that has your address mentioned on it!

4. PAN Card

Your PAN Card along with your PAN Number.

5. Aadhaar Card

Since Aadhaar Card can also be used as an identification proof, besides, it is also linked to the bank account and mobile number. So, it is mandatory to provide Aadhaar Card.